See If Your Teenage Son Will Join Your Teenage Daughter In Ballet Lessons

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Among teenagers, dance classes such as ballet are often more popular for girls than for boys. If you have a daughter and a son, and they're both active, it's possible that your daughter has expressed an interest in taking ballet lessons. Your son may be slightly curious about doing so, too, and if this is the case, it's ideal to see if you can find a co-ed ballet program that your son and your daughter can both attend. There are plenty of reasons to get both of your teenagers involved in dance classes together, including the following.

They'll Challenge Each Other

Siblings are naturally competitive in many families, and this can help both of your teenagers to get the most out of their ballet lessons. When your son and daughter take ballet together, they'll frequently want to practice their moves at home between lessons. If one of them is struggling, the other can provide verbal encouragement to help the former get better. The teens can also come up with competitions at home that will see them put their skills to the test regularly. In this environment, your son and daughter may dance their way to the head of the class.

They'll Grow Closer

Teenage siblings can often grow apart, especially when they're different genders and have different interests and friends. While it's possible that they'll get close again as adults, this isn't always the case. When you enroll your teenagers in ballet lessons, it gives them a common activity to enjoy together — and this can be integral to helping them stay friends and perhaps even grow closer. Your children can be assets to one another as they navigate their teenage years, and their ballet training can be instrumental in making this happen.

You'll Appreciate It Logistically

Having two active teenagers can take its toll on your free time. Unless your teens are driving themselves to their extracurricular activities, you may frequently find yourself playing the role of chauffeur. When you enroll your son and your daughter in ballet lessons, the logistics will be favorable — namely, you'll only need to make one trip for them both to enjoy an activity each week. This can be better than taking one child to one activity and the other to another.

Seek out a dance studio in your area that can not only accommodate teenage boys and girls, but can also offer a beginner-level program if neither teen has danced in the past.