3 Ways Acting Classes Can Boost Your Career

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It makes sense that an actor would take acting classes to further their career. But if you're an office worker, an interior designer, or an app developer, you probably don't think of acting classes first when you think of professional development. However, taking an acting class in your free time can not only be a fun way to indulge your love for theater, but it can also help you in your chosen career path—even if your career has nothing to do with acting. Take a look at a few ways acting classes can boost your career.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Even if you rarely need to stand at a podium or on a stage and address a large audience, public speaking skills come in handy in any career. If you've ever felt nervous about speaking up at a staff meeting or addressing a group of potential clients, you can benefit from the public speaking skills that you'll gain from taking acting classes.

On a stage or set, actors need to be able to deliver their lines confidently and clearly, in a voice that's loud enough to be heard by all. Learning how to do this when you need to can improve your ability to speak in any group situation, not just when you're on a stage.

Improve Your Ability to Analyze

Actors have to read their scripts carefully for clues that let them know how to play their parts. What emotion is their character feeling? What's their motivation? What's their backstory? These things may not be explicitly spelled out in the script, so the actor must infer them from the information given.

Learning to build a character from the details provided can help you learn to analyze other details in your life. Context clues in a work-related memo can make a big difference to the meaning and impact of the information that it contains. You'll learn to be more aware of context clues and better able to analyze details to find deeper meanings.

Improve Your Ability to Empathize

Actors must learn to put themselves in other people's shoes. Specifically, they need to learn to put themselves in the shoes of their characters, who may be wrestling with situations that the actor never experienced or considered in real life. This can be a difficult task.

Improving your ability to put yourself in the shoes of another can make you a more empathetic person who is more easily able to understand the motivations and desires of others. This ability has myriad benefits in any workplace. If you can put yourself into the shoes of your boss, clients, and coworkers, you'll be able to better understand and anticipate what they need from you, and this will help you excel at meeting those needs.

Even if you have no plans to become a Broadway or Hollywood star, an acting class can be a great way to expand your horizons and give you tools that will benefit you in any career. You'll also have a lot of fun! Look into acting classes near you and give it a try.